A Post to Catch Up & Get back in the Groove

Wow!  It’s been a while since I’ve written here.  It’s been a really hard few months financially, mentally and for Tim, physically. Of course it’s been exhausting for both of us but we just keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving on with life.

Tim made it out of surgery well.  His still taking medication for Aspergillus.  That will be never ending.. He’s still underweight even tho he’s eating plenty.  The medication doesn’t really help him put weight on.  But he’s on the road to recovery and back to many of his pre surgery activities.

He’s still not able to ride the horses yet, but that will hopefully come this fall when the weather is nicer anyway.

We’ve been still working on our debt, however, our medical expenses have really gotten out of control but when I get a moment, I plan to update you on that.  On a good note, our personal loan is no longer.  We paid that off a month ago.  Now, we just have medical expenses from Tim’s surgery and medical expenses from follow ups.  We’ll have $150 in co-pays this month alone and a MRI out of pocket expense to the tune of 190 dollars.  Fun!

This summer hasn’t been all a about debt though.  We decided to join a pony club and it has been super awesome for our moral and gaining some new friends.  We both had to take a test to ride with the club and even tho Tim isn’t qualified or even have a horse at the moment he can ride, he tested on Poppy anyway.  That’s a post all in itself really.  I will just tell you Poppy wasn’t the angel I would have liked him to be.  I passed my riding test very easily just for hanging on and being able to stay on and control Poppy’s devil self.  I then rode him out and got him tired so that Tim could do his riding test….and all was good there.  we both passed.

In June, Poppy and I started training lessons but my work schedule got re-adjusted and lessons are presently on hold.  But we are still working.

Our first trip out with the group was to Cage Farm where there were trails.  We didn’t get to partake of the trail ride because Poppy got so worked up about the new environment but amazingly, we did the swim.  It was so awesome!  Luckily, a girl with a camera fell in love with Poppy and there’s so many pictures of him playing in the river.

Poppy enjoying playing in the water!

Poppy enjoying playing in the water!


In July, we did our 2nd annual tubing run with a big group of people.  it was a lot of fun.


Summer isn’t over…but this catches us up really.

Workouts: I’ve been getting my workouts in 5 to 6 days a week. I’ve actually toned up and lost some weight!

Books:  I’ve been trying to get some reading in…but I’ve not been too great with that.  i think I’ve been reading the same books all summer long, never really finishing them.  Ugh.  I need to stop that.  That should be a goal.

Condo Projects;  Well, we’ve been working on the condo. We put a slightly noticeable texture on the ceiling and painted it.  It looks so good.

Presently, we have pulled the top cabinets off the wall in the kitchen to rebuild the soffit that the previous owner had taken out.  The cabinets have always been at an awkward height.

The soffit has been rebuilt.  Tim says we need to re mud and sand one more time, then we can paint the ceiling and the walls.  Then, re hang the kitchen cabinets.

Besides the bathroom and the floors, the kitchen was our biggest project.

This project will get it’s own post when it’s finished.

Decluttering:  We’ve been decluttering again!  With the home improvement projects going on, it’s kind of easy.  We had to pack up the top cabinets to make room for the remodeling…and as we were putting stuff in boxes, we had a moment to say, do we even use this?  Do you think we will ever use this?  Those items got boxed up to go to Goodwill or sold on Facebook yard sales We still have a lot to go through and it’s amazing to us how much stuff you can accumulate in 10 years and not even realize that the stuff is living in your house.


- Post my budget for August:  Sad part is it’s already August and I haven’t even written it out.

- Read Two Books:  In my case finish two books

- Condo Project: This month we’re going to finish the kitchen cabinet and paint.

- Declutter: Take a box of things to Goodwill & list 2 things a week on a yard sale site or ebay.

Workouts: March 9th thru the April 3rd

It’s been a couple crazy weeks with Tim’s surgery and hospital stay, but I still got my workouts in.  I had to shorten them up a bit but still tried to make them 30 minutes.

I decided to just report March 9th thru the April 3rd together and then attempt to get back on track.

The month went like this…

9th – I went on a horseback ride for an hour and a half.  I actually came off.  Poppy was feeling good and was galloping and bucking and I stayed on for a long time, but lost my balance and came off.

10th – I pulled out Rockin’ Party Step and Did Premix 1.

11th – Cathe’s had down Hard Strikes for today but I was feeling Kick, Punch, Crunch. I picked Premix 4 with the conditioning drills and the 2 combo’s for 40 + minutes and I made it to the end of the conditioning drills and started the first punching combo and just wasn’t in the mood, so I pull out Cathe’s 4 Day Split and did the Kickboxing premix.  There’s far more cardio in this with some punching.   I kept a good portion of the jumping jacks low impact but I really enjoyed this combo.  It made for a nice 45 min. workout.

12th – Today was supposed to be Super Cuts, however I had watched the Preview on Personal training with Jackie (loaner from a friend) and I had been trying to figure out where to put this one…and in the preview I remember Jericho doing this with no weights.  So, I did this one.  Holly smoke….I was sweatin’ my tush off.  I really felt worked.  And the workout is only a half hour, well 32 minutes.

I did the Spiderman’s standing up.  That was the only exercise I modified.

13th – Cathe had down lean legs and X10 something.  Neither of which I own and since I did full body toning yesterday and I’m still trying to be nice to my shoulder back area (hurt in the tumble off Poppy)….I decided to do Low Impact Challenge.  Ok…I was doing well until we got to combo 4.  Yeah…Patience…Um…no.  I tried to rewind a couple times and just didn’t have it in me.

I stopped and pulled out Jessica’s site but it was slow so I went to her YouTube channel and found her 150 Calorie Cardio Fat Blast that was 11 minutes and would make my workout 45 minutes or better.  Then, I went back to Cathe and did her stretch.

14th – Today was Flextrain.  I actually did it.  Well, Timesaver #1.  I used 6.5′s for all the work at the beginning because of my shoulder.

I followed Cathe in weights after she got done with the shoulder torture.

I didn’t do the burpees…and of course I modified the sumo squats.

15th – Rest Day

16th – farm chores

17th – I pulled out Party Rockin’ Step 2 and did Step Mix that has the Bonus Combo’s in it.  Whew…those were tricky and they moved a little fast for me.  I got excited when she went to the finished product from Party Rockin’ Step 2.

I only used the topper to my step.

18th – Today called for Crossfire.  I decided to do a premix.  I decided on Timesaver: Circuit Blast.  I think this is my favorite workout on this DVD.  I do it often.

I used 2.5′s for Cathe’s 3, 10′s and 10′s for the first set of wood chops and 12 for the second.

19th – Cathe’s rotation called for Rockout Knockout but I have a couple new workouts sitting here and I wanted to check them out…so, that’s what I did.

First up was Amy’s Body Box.  I was going to the whole thing but realized it was going to be too much for my shoulder, so I decided to do the all cardio premix until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I stopped 20 minutes in.  It was really bugging my shoulder but I really kind of like the workout.  The moves, Normal for Amy, are a bit tricky and between my shoulder and my brain…that was enough.

Next up was Jessica Smith’s 10 Pounds Down Cardio Abs.  This workout is broke down into 3 workouts, I picked Cardio Abs.  It was 28 minutes.  Boy, she worked me over.  But her workouts are always joint friendly.


Then, because there was no stretch in Cardio Abs, I went to Jessica’s site and found her 10 Minute Quick stretch that is really 13 minutes but it’s a really nice stretch.

This is actually the day of Tim’s surgery.

20th – I wasn’t feeling at all like a workout.  but I promised Tim I wouldn’t come till after my workout…so, I decided to pull out one of the new ones I got off collage (they had a huge going out of business sale) and that was Jessica Smithe’s Walking for weight loss, Wellness & Energy.  It’s broken down so you can do the whole workout or the warm up and pick either High Energy Walk or the power walk and then add the cool down.  Both the walks are 30 minutes so if you do the whole workout together, it’s 70 minutes.

I did the warm up…the High Energy Walk and sort of did the cool down.  I had roughly 300 steps before I started the workout and now I have 5030.  Not bad for a 40 minute workout.  I got a little sweaty but what was really awesome, it wasn’t brain draining.

21st – I decided to scrap my rotation because I have to hit the hospital on the way to work…I decided on Kelly Coffey Meyers Plateau Buster Dumbbells only mix.  It was 31 min.  I used 10′s and 6.5′s.  The pulls bugged my shoulder, so we went to 6.5 and alternated…but the rest I was able to do.  Sigh.

22nd – Rest Day

23rd – Rest Day

24th – No official workout but did manage over 7k steps.  Go me.  And 11 flights of stairs…I tried to take the stairs as much as I could at the hospital, there’s lots of walking to be done at the hospital.

25th – Today’s workout was Kelly Coffey Meyer’s Circuit Burn Cardio & Legs Premix (33 min).  I love this workout.  I feel worked.  I only netted a little over 3k steps, which included preparing dinner and washing dishes…lol.

26th – I did Cathe’s Rockin’ Party Step and decided to do that one.  But I did the 33 min. Premix where there’s no finished product.

27th – I looked at my collection and nothing really appealed to me.  I wanted to do something with my shoulder and not really kill it, so I pulled up Jessica’s site and did 30 Minute Ballet Body Sculpt.  I only netted 930 steps, which includes dishes but…I really feel like I did something without killing myself.

I used my 2.5′s for this workout.

28th  – Boy, I just wasn’t feeling like a workout at all….but, I knew that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be worth much…I did the boxing drills premix from Kelly’s Trim down.  It was a nice 30 min. workout and I got 3600 steps….roughly.

29th – Rest Day

30th – Farm Chores, no official workout

31st – Today, I decided on Kickbutt kickboxing with Jessica.  It was a nice 35 min. workout.

April 1st – Today, I decided on Flextrain Timesaver #1 premix.  I used 6.5′s for a good portion of the shoulder work but went up to 7.5′s and 10′s that didn’t make me cringe…

I went up to my 15# KB for hammerheads. Then, I followed Cathe in weights after she got done with the shoulder torture.

I did pushups on my knees for burpees…and of course I modified the sumo squats presses but used 10′s.

2nd – I wasn’t really feeling like working out.  It was just one of those days where I was just exhausted, mentally and physically but I really wanted to do a workout so I did Jessica’s Walking for weight loss, wellness and energy.  I did the power walk option today…it was perfect!  No thinking, no concentrating and a pretty good workout to boot.

3rd – Today, I pulled out Kelly’s Split Sessions and did the Lower Body workout.  I used 12′s and my purple band.

Observations: My body is a changing and the numbers on the scale are coming down.  Always a good thing!  Going up and down the stairs at home is also much easier.

Tim, Two Weeks After Surgery

I’ve been wanting to give an update but I’ve been incredibly busy with every day things that normally have two people pitching in to help and we’re down to me.

Tim’s surgery was long. His five-hour surgery turned into seven. And luckily, I was blessed with a wonderful friend who came and sat with me during the whole thing.

They removed pretty much all of the left upper lobe of his lung and a golf ball size Aspergillus ball in the cavity where they had remaining lung twenty plus years ago.The bonus was the gum ball size ball of staples from the previous surgery..

Unfortunately, the surgeon was unable to get all of the Aspergillus.  There’s still some remaining in and around his shoulder area and he is presently on an IV medication to (hopefully) kill what is remaining.

Tim has been home since Monday March 24th and we been doing the IV’s at home, which is all a new experience for me but it allows Tim to be home and a much happier person.

Tim’s IV Medication

Now, we’re waiting for the aspergillus to grow in a lab to see what kind of aspergillus it is.

And Tim has blood work drawn weekly to test to see if the aspergillus in his body is growing or if it’s dying.  His white blood count is high, which indicates his body is still fighting it.  But the great thing is, he’s not laying on his side in the fetal position coughing.

As for the March Budget…well, I’m sure you can imagine this threw a wench in all that.  But that’s ok.  We’ll get back on Track.  I’ll post more on that later.

Personal Health Update on Tim

It’s been a crazy week!  We’re getting ready for Tim’s upcoming surgery and I’ve had a lot on my mind and a lot of things to do and just haven’t really been into posting much.  I haven’t even been following my favorite blogs much.  I’m just kind of making it through the day, each day.

We found out at the beginning of the month that Tim was going to need surgery and I alluded to it but I didn’t make a specific blog post about it.  I was going to but never really got around to it.

Tim has Chronic aspergillus.  Some people can breath mold and it doesn’t bother them, but Tim…well, it’s apparent we have a problem.

Tim will be going into surgery some time tomorrow to remove the infected sections of his lung.  We are both nervous and anxious but we are hoping that this will get Tim on the road to recovery.

We’ll update you!

Week of Workouts: March 2nd to the 8th

I had a GREAT week of workouts!  I made lots of progress and stepped outside my comfort zone on a few things.

Here’s how my week went!

Sunday -No official workout but I did get in an almost too exciting ride…We tried to hook up with another friend and her horse Matty.  Matty was a boarder that didn’t work out. But her horse was just very studish and ….long story short, someone was going to get hurt and we found out today…Poppy is very scared of Matty from how he behaved during his brief stay as a boarder.

There was a point where I thought I was coming off…but somehow was able to keep my balance and stay on Poppy and just hang tight.  We thought maybe they could meet us in the park and Poppy saw Matty and tried to climb a steep hill just to get away from him.  It was pretty intense.

Anyway, as soon as Matty and his mommy left us, Poppy was his old self, so now we know he’s scared of Matty.  It turned out to be a 2 hour trail ride and of course chores afterward.


Monday – Today was Saturday’s Cathe’s Xtrain and did disk 1 Chest, Back and Shoulders.  I actually increased some of my weights

Here’s how my workout went!

Warm up

Round 1

Tempo Push up

One arm Rotational Row   18#’s

Side Leaning Lateral Raise  7.5#’s

Round 2

Dumbbell Press on Ball  20#’s

T Band Pull

Shoulder Circle 2 X 6.5

Round Three

Reach Tap Push Up

T Prone on ball 2 X 6.5 (I do not think Cathe was using 12′s….)

Seated Alternating Dumbbell Overhead Press  12

Round 4

Chest fly on the Stability Ball  15#’s

One arm Row with Tubing

Bent over Rear Delt Drop Sets (16/12/8 reps) 2X7.5

Round 5

Lower Chest Incline fly on the ball  10#’s

Dumbbell Pullover on stability Ball  18# DB

Double arm upright row  2X12

Round 6

Incline Dumbbell Press on stability Ball  20#’s (16 Reps)

Back Fly on stability Ball   10#’s

Dumbbell W Press on ball  12#’s

Round 7

Three Way Chest Fly  2X 20 – Oh boy, I felt that….

One Arm Row  20

Simultaneous Incline Hammer Front Raise on ball  7.5

Round Eight

Push UP

Super Man

Lateral Raise   7.5#

I stopped at Cathe’s stretch and went to Jessica’s Dance Stretch.  It turned out to be a little longer than I wanted but I had plenty of time.

Tuesday – Today was Xtrain All Out Low Impact.  I’ve done the floor part several times, doubling the section.  Today was the first time that I did the whole workout as is.  Of course I only used one riser on my step during the step portion.  The first time I tried the step portion, I about died, that was a few months ago.

Wednesday – Cathe had down Burn Sets and I looked at the preview and thought, no way.  That is going to be way too much!  Maybe if I did lighter weights it wouldn’t be too bad…but…

So, with all the talk of Supercuts, I decided to check the preview on that and that is exactly what I’m looking for.  It appears that these are my favorite types of workouts right now.  What an awesome workout and I can’t believe I’ve never done this one before….That’s crazy!

I used 7.5′s for Cathe’s 8′s.  I used my 9# KB for wood chops, 5’s for Cathe’s 5′s.

I skipped the first set of Alternating Sit outs .  But on the second set, I turned it into a side plank off my 12″ step.  That was really doable.

I’m still feeling those running mans…wow!  They used to be hard on my left side, now…well…my right side is the hard side.  But there’s definitely progress being made, lots of progress.

I did modify the jumping jacks at the end.  Great workout!

Thursday – Today was Cathe’s To The Max.  I picked Timesaver: Low Impact/No Core

Warm up

Segment one: Solid Step – I used the 6″ step.  That felt pretty good.

Low Impact Slide n Glide Tabata – I only used the 6″ step for mountain climbers

Segment Three: 30/20 Hiit – I modified the step jumps.

Segment Four: Compound Leg Work – All of this I did on the floor with 6.5 # weights


 It was a great workout!

Friday - Today Cathe called for Hardstrikes but for some reason, I just wasn’t interested.  I had a hankering for some KCM and did her Cardio, Boxing & Sculpting Premix from Circuit Burn.  It was a nice 44 minute workout.  I used my 10′s for most of the workout and my 12 for the rowing wood chop.

I still didn’t wear my weighted gloves.  I’m starting to miss them, though.  I think I need to find something lighter than 1 pound though to start.

Saturday - I had a fantastic ride in the park.  It was super fun.  I’m a little sore from my tumble off, though…but it was a GREAT day to be out on a horse.

Poppy was enjoying his ride a little too much and was playing…bucking and being a kid.  Not the speed I like to come off at, though!  We were galloping out….So far, just my shoulder and the pinky on my left hand.  I think it’s the knuckle.  My back hurts a little, too because when I came off that was the last part of impact.  I laid on the ground a second and then got up to retrieve my horse.  He was so well behaved when I led him over to the big jump to use as a mounting block (the park is equipped for equestrian sports) and he acted like a gentleman the rest of the ride.

Lesson learned, don’t grab mane….it’s like accelerant…  I should have known better.  Sigh.  Oh well…I didn’t brake anything and I had fun.  I’m a bit sore, but I think todays ride qualifies as Xtrain Legs Plus X10 something I was supposed to do today.

Here’s my fitbit report for the day!


Observations:  Well, lots of improvements, even some weight loss.  I’m down ten pounds.  Who can’t love that?!?!?!

Getting on my horse is a lot easier…and so is coming off the wrong way.  Luckily, I didn’t mess up my back when I came off.  My right shoulder took the brunt of the impact and it’s letting me know about it.




Week of Workouts: February 23rd to March 1st

Workouts are Ruff!

Since I completed Cathe’s October 2011 rotation, I had to find something else to do.  I looked high and low and found Cathe’s October 2013 Rotation.

The goal is still to work on building up my strength and conditioning.

Sunday – Farm Chores! I headed out to the farm by myself.

I did a good portion of chores and then decided to get some training time in on Poppy.  We need to learn how to jump….so, I ran him over some jumps, me jumping a long side of him.  I think I had more fun than him but he loves being told how good he is.  We worked on that for a half hour or better.  Then I walked him out to cool him out but I think I was the only one sweating!

Since Dakota decided to come in the ring with us, she got worked, too!  Ponies do not like work.  However, she enjoyed her people time though…she’s incredibly adorable.

Then I went back and finished my chores.

Monday – Today I started Cathe’s October 2013 Rotation.  It looks like there’s more variety in this one but I reserve the right to implement changes where ever needed and or wanted.

Today was Rockout Knockout and I just did this one Friday but I did it anyway.  The music is really good in this one.  I still didn’t wear my weighted gloves for any of it but I think it’s best to give my back some more time to heal.

Love this workout!

Tuesday – Today’s workout was Xtrain Disk 2 Bi’s and Tri’s.

Here’s how it went:

Warm Up

Round 1

Alternating Standing Curls – 2X12# DB’s

Standing Overhead Extensions Double Arm – 15# KB

Round 2

Incline Curls on Stability Ball- 2X12 DB’s

Flat Bench Tricep Extension – 2X12 DB’s

Round 3

Seated Concentration Curls – 12 DB

One Arm Kick Backs with Tubing and 5# DB – I used a 12 with no tubing

Round 4

Standing W Curls with DB’s &Tubing –   I used 12 with no tubing

Seesaw Push Ups on Ball

Round 5

Seated Hammer Curls on Stability Ball – 2X12

Seated Overhead Extensions One Arm-DB – 2X12

Round 6

Preacher Curl on Stability Ball One Arm – 12

Side Leaning One Arm Overhead Extensions on Ball – 12

Round 7

Slow Mo Eccentric Curls With Tubing -no tube 2X12

Cross Body Kickbacks –  12

Round 8

Incline Reverse Curls on Ball-Dumbbell – 2X12

One Arm Plank Kickbacks – 12 off a 10″ step

Round 9

Hammer Curl Double Arm Crazy 8s – 2X12

Crazy Dips – had to rest in between a few times.  I don’t have much love for this exercise.


Wednesday – This morning was Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast.  I was really conservative with the weights since I wasn’t sure how my back would take it.  We’ll find out later.

Warm Up!

hop Squats – Surprised I did most of these

Alternating Back Lunges 12# DB

Touch down Squats to Power Scissors – Not much touching here…

Plie Squats 18#5B -

Explosive Side Lunge 9# kB

Elevated Lunges 18#kb

Forward Jump/Back 2 pleas – Didn’t use the band

Wide leg Dead lifts 2X12# DB’s

Plyo jacks to air jacks

Squats 2X12# DB’s

Lateral Skates

Step ups (2 risers) 2X12# DB’s

Lowered step to 1 riser each side

Power 7′s to jack – My Power 7′s didn’t have much power…

Static Lunges 2X12# DB’s

Fast feet Shuffle recover with Jump ropes

Plie squats 18# KB

Plyo jump on step

Dead Lifts, toes elevated 2X12# DB’s

Plyo Jump on step

Side lunges 15# DB

Step knee down tap to jump freeze

Single leg Dead lifts 2X12# DB’s

Knee off the side over the step 6 times knee off the back – I was so exhausted I did mine behind the step.

Alternating front Lunges on to the step 2X20# DB’s


It was a GREAT workout!  I did have to modify some of the jumping.  But I really didn’t modify all that much.

Thursday – Cathe had CrossFire up for today.  Not thinking, i went with it but decided on doing the lower impact premix giving myself permission to stop early if needed.  I made it about 40 min in where she goes back to the Low Impact Cardio Tabata.  No abs…my was done.

Not sure why she put this one so close to cardio leg blast????  To be honest, it was too much for my back but I went with it anyway, I’m such a hard head.  I used 10′s to Cathe’s 10′s and 2.5 to Cathe’s 3′s.  10 to Cathe’s 15 for wood chops.

When Cathe did the Jump turns I did front kicks with a punch to the ground.  It seemed to work and less impact.

Friday – Today’s workout was Party Rockin’ step 2.  I borrowed this one from a friend. This one was tricky but it was actually perfect.  It kept my brain in the game.

The music was really fun and the moves were fresh and new.  I had a problem with the last combo.  She was doing burpees and I just did down ups.  Also for her uneven jump squats, I just did uneven squats and the box around the step….I just sort of marched.  I just don’t have that kind of balance to stay up and moving in that position.   I only used the topper for my step.  I got over 6000 steps, so that’s a really great thing.

Saturday – Was the hay auction.  We only bought 60 bales and it was just us girls but we ended up with some manly help.  But there were still lots of bale tossing and farm work.

Observations: There have been noticeable improvements in my strength and balance.  I’ve even toned up and dropped a few pounds.



February’s Debt Update


Errr….Three steps Forward, Two steps Back….

I know I’ve not been too great with posting my money woes here…but there’s just been so much going on and I have to say, I need to stop running when things get rough.  I just get so discouraged sometimes.

Things have been tight this month but the good news is, the truck passed inspection and we had to pay way more than I thought to get the truck registered here in Maryland.  But, with the way things are going, that’s probably a good thing because Tim is going to have to have lung surgery (more on that later) and going to Vermont may or may not be an option depending on how things go.  In Vermont they require vehicle inspection yearly.

Also, paying off the truck and getting it registered here means our insurance goes down.

So, let’s talk about the money.

We paid our normal $402 to the car payment knocking that down to #13,874.68

Sadly, there’s some things that just didn’t get paid this month because we had to buy 2 used tires ($120.00), register the truck here ($299.00) and we put out $239.28 in Medical.  $200 of it wasn’t expected.

The good news is we kept our food budget under $450, it’s $444.22.  We really hit the menu planning hard and we really have to concentrate on getting some meat on Tim’s bones before his surgery.  And we’ve tried some really great things this month.  What’s great is they’ve carried over for a quit a few days of lunches and dinners.

We did really great at keeping our liquor budget low and that came out to $67.35.

I have to say, I’m glad to see February roll on out of here.  I’m sick of snow and days off due to snow.  No work, no pay for me.

As for the medical expenses, they are what they are and you can’t not doing anything about your health because if you don’t, it screws up everything but it really put it in our face that we’ve got to get that emergency fund back together.  Part of my plan is to get our taxes done and sell some more crap stuff.

Tim will be going in for surgery in two weeks.  He has chronic aspergillosis and he’s been battling it for the last year.  The last couple months have been really bad and he went to see his specialist.  Then things got progressively worse and ended up getting squeezed in to see another specialist at the same office and he referred him to a surgeon.  So, here we are.  Tim will be having surgery to remove the infected parts of his lung taking a good portion of what’s left of his upper left lobe.

My heart is heavy and I’m a bit scared.  But that is where we are at this moment financially, medically, and well, I’m not sure where we are mentally but I keep telling myself things are ok.

Lets looks at the goals.  I didn’t really make it known what they are but…

Keep our grocery budget at $450 – Pass!  $433!  We were trying to keep it at $400 but decided to average out what we were spending and then pick an amount that we could aim for and this was it.

Work on one project in the condo – Fail!  Tim wasn’t feeling well.

Get five to six workouts in a week – Pass!  You can check that out in my Weekly workout updates.

Read two books – Pass-ish.  I still reading Jon Acuf’s book Start.  I’m about half way through but then I got notice that a book (When You and Your Mother Can’t Be Friends: Resolving the Most Complicated Relationship of Your Life) I put on library loan came in and I want to read that before it’s due to go back.

Try two new recipes – Pass. – We’ve tried way more than 2.  We’ve been menu planning fools.  It’s saving us a lot of time and money.  My favorites this month were Foodbabe.com’s Vegetable Lasagna with no Noodles and her Chickpea Curry Wraps. We also in enjoyed Bourbon street Chicken in the crockpot.




Week of Workouts: February 16th to the 22nd

Even Stuffed Toys Workout!

This was the last week of Cathe’s November 2011 Rotation.  I’m almost sorry to see it end, however I found another rotation that is similar but that will be for my next post.

Of course there were days I would have liked to stay in bed but the results are helping me prod along.

Here’s how the week went:

Sunday – It was actually a rest day.  But I did go out to the farm and do chore.

Monday – Today, Cathe called for Low Impact Challenge and of course that is one I don’t have, so I looked through the many DVD’s that I have and decided on Body Max 2 Cardio Blast Premix.  This workout is far to long for me at the moment so I decided to do the workout up to the power circuits and stop.  That gave me a nice intense 40 minute of stepping (with just the topper of my step) and then I walked around in circles for a good few minutes to catch my breath and get ready for the stretch.

Of course, I made this all low impact but putting as much umph as I could into it.

Tuesday – Cathe had down Athletic Training!  I I looked at my notes, the last time I did this workout as right before the accident and it was really hard then.  I really wanted to do something else but I went with it.

Here’s how it went…

warm up 6 min (just the topper)   

Cardio on step

Air squats

~repeat above~

*add risers- 3 on each side – I only added 1.

Squats over the step (1) 7.5 lb

Leg raise w/single arm upright row (7.5 lb)

~repeats other side~

Squat press (7.5 lb)

Lateral raise w/knee up on step ( 5 lb) This is where I began to question my sanity….

~repeats other side~

Front swing (  15 lb kb-)

One arm front swing w/side leg praise (1)  9 lb KB  - this really bugged my back a lot.

~repeats other side~

Pushups on step (touching opposite shoulder)  knees

Rear delt flys ( 5 lb) 16/12/8 reps

~repeat above~

Back lunge w/disk and bicep curl (  7.5  lb)  

Bicep curls w/ 5 lb DB and band ( no band and I used 12′s)

Tricep dips w/heel on disk

Lying tricep extensions ( 7.5 lb)

Kickbacks (band)  

Leg work: Tap out (angle back & side step) firewalker band – I don’t have one and my the rest of my Cathe band died here….

Standing hamstring press (holding step platform) fire walker band

Dead lifts ( 1 leg) 18 lb KB  - Really too heavy but I was already going and well…damn it.  It felt just right on the bad side but then when I switched sides doing the left leg in front….I felt it in my right…errrr.

Seated one arm rows using band

Rear delt (band)  

Abs (firewalker band)  - Skipped for time.

I really had a hard time with the leg raises to the side off the step even though; I only used a 6 in step.

Wednesday – Today Cathe had down Yoga Max and I was really feeling like a light day was in order but my yoga options are slim to none, so I went on Jessicasmithtv.com and found 40 Yoga Tone. This one was sweaty and I liked how it moved.  It was a little harder than what I anticipated but if I’d of read the notes on her page, I would have realized that it would be more intense.  It say’s intermediate/advanced. And it got my heart rate up there.  I feel pretty worked.  I used my 2.5 weights.  There were almost too light but I didn’t want to kill myself either so it was perfect.

This is definitely going in the mix again because I like it.  And that’s not something I would normally say about Yoga.

Thursday – Cathe had down Lower Body Trisets and I just wanted to do something different but work the legs.  I pulled out Kelly Coffey Meyers Split Sessions and did lower body workout 2.  I used my 12 pound dumbbells.

At the end of that, I wanted more so I went to Jessica (Love her) and found 20 Minuted Belly Fat Burning Fusion.  She just published this one last Saturday on her YouTube channel.  It was really 22 minutes making my whole workout 50 minutes plus.

Even though I was a bit sore from yesterday, this core work was perfect for what I needed to get the soreness out and work my core because I need all the core work I can muster but I don’t want to torture myself doing it.

Friday – Cathe had Slide and Glide plus a portion of low Impact Challenge (which I don’t have) but TTOM came to visit.  I knew he was coming (those cravings give him away).  So, I wanted to do something fun and I pulled out Rockout Knockout and di Timesaver #1 which is 38 minutes.

I have to say, this workout is pretty damn fun!  I loved every minute of it.

Saturday – Today is the last day of Cathe’s November 2011 Rotation.  I did a lot of modifications to the rotation to keep it interesting and try out some new workouts/loaners (B, I’m going to put the first set in the mail Monday, I missed the mail man this morning, sorry)   Today was Cathe’s Low Impact Series Total Body Trisets – Upper Body.  It was pretty good.  I’m noticing some improvements and I love that.

Here’s how it went…

Warm Up

Walking Plank Push Ups

Shoulders – Incline Shoulder DB Presses on Stability Ball  - 2X15 (12’s for the second set)

riceps – Lying Extensions on Stability Ball  2X12

               Repeat once

Chest – Leg Crossover Push Ups -Just did push ups on my knees

Shoulders – Incline Shoulder Arcs on Stability Ball – 2X7.5

Triceps – Wide Stance Plank Kickbacks 2X12

               Repeat once

Chest – Alternating Dumbbell Chest Flys  2X15 (16 Reps)

Shoulders – External Rotations with Lateral Raises   2X10

Triceps – Modified Dive Bombers – I did mine seasaws on the ball (16 Reps)

               Repeat once

Back – One Arm Rows on Stability Ball – 18

Biceps – Incline DB Double Arm Curls on Stability Ball -2X15 – These were a bit heavy 12’s for the second set

Core – Ball Crunches 12#


Back – Dumbbell Pullovers on Stability Ball 18

Biceps – Simultaneous Traditional Curls  2X12

Core – Ball Exchanges


Back – Rear Delt Flys on Stability Ball  2X5

Biceps – Concentration Curls with Stability Ball  15

Core – Crunches with Stability Ball – Did 26 reps before my back started to protest (Need more padding….skipped second round here)

Cool Down/Stretch


Observation:  I’m seeing and feeling noticeable changes in my body.  My pants are getting loser and my back is getting stronger.  I’m really glad I am very happy with my results; I just wish the scale would show more progress.

I’ve been tracking my food on Sparkpeople.com and menu planning which is also helping our budget and keeping us from eating out.  That’s a few nice bonuses’ there!  And one of the greatest things has been that my back hasn’t been hurting much and the stairs are getting much easier to climb.

How about you?  Did you do any workouts you love this week?  Are you seeing any results from anything you’re doing to improve your health?


(Just a minder: The Hyperlinks are not affiliate links)

Week of Workouts: February 9th to the 15th

Working out is Ruff!

I’m still following Cathe’s November 2011 rotation.  This is actually the third week.  I’ve made some modifications to make it work for me and subbed some workouts to make it less boring because doing the same workout over and over again leads to boredom and then that leads to me not wanting to workout.  So, anything to keep the boredom from setting is a great way to keep my workouts fresh.

Here’s how my week of workouts went!

Sunday – No workout.  It was a rest day but I did do farm chores and that netted me 7110 steps, 18 flights of stairs and a pretty nice calorie burn.  Not bad for a rest day!

Monday – Today, Cathe had down Afterburn!  I wasn’t really looking forward to this workout at all and I almost talked myself out of it.  I think the only reason I went ahead and went with it was because a friend of mine posted in a group that we belong to that she had done this workout this morning and the peer pressure made me do it.  Go peer pressure!

I made a few modifications to the workout in order to make it work for me, like the burpee’s but for the most part I followed Cathe and crew.

Tuesday – Cathe’s Rockout Knockout came in the mail Monday evening (It’s the first DVD workout I’ve purchased since July) and I just had to try it.  I didn’t wear my weighted gloves.  I think I’ll wait a while on that till this bone bruise is MIA on my ribs.   It only seems to wake up during kick boxing.  It lets up after a few punches or a get used to the discomfort…who knows but ouch.

I love this workout.  The music is fun, the combinations are fun and OMG, and I know some of them (does that mean I’m getting old?).  Halfway through the first section I pulled my mats out to be able to do more of the intensity and that was a good idea.

Wednesday –  At the beginning of the week Cathe had to be off or Yoga…and well, Monday, I decided to skip that but of course gave myself the option to revisit that option if I needed it.

So, I was looking at my workouts and thinking….and I remembered my friend had put Kelly’s Coffey Meyers Your Healthy Back in my loaner envelope.  I put it in and watched the preview and thought….hum.  I looked at my collection again and almost put in Tri sets upper body and my back reminded me of why I wanted to hold off.  So, I put on my shoes and hit play.

Here’s how it went:


Lunges - no problem

Airplane - Ok, I really need to continue to work on my balance.

Alternating airplanes - Yeah, Um almost fell on my face.

Side Leg lift into a squat - I did great here but I felt it in my hip.

Caterpillar - I had to use my step with 3 risers here because I have to modify for my eye (I also have glaucoma).  I think I can dump a set of risers.  But I could definitely feel it open those tight hamstrings.  I needed that.

Supermans - I got these

Low Planks - I got these, too!

Clam shells - Modified.  If I lift my hips off the ground, there is serious discomfort in L2 and L3.

Bridges - She let me lay down on the floor   I didn’t thread.  I just lifted and lowed my knee.  I really felt that in my hip in a good way.

Abs - She did these slow and concentrated on the uppers, then the lowers, and then together.  The rep count was slow and I used my thick mats and that made it so those vertebrae didn’t feel the floor.

Extend opposites - I think I know these a spiders.  These need work.  I did well so long is we stayed working one side.  The minute we went to alternating….well, my balance isn’t as good as I thought.


I would have

really of liked to had this video right after my accident.  It would have been great therapy for me.  Kelly even advertises it as home physical therapy.

Thursday – Today was Cathe’s Tri Sets Upper Body.  I did pretty well, I think.  My back has a tinge of discomfort (On a scale of 1-10, it’s about a 6) but this seems to happen with every weather system that rolls through here.

I decided I would push play and skip on the laying on the floor with the last two ab exercises.

Here’s how it went:

Each set of 3 is repeated twice

Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Solider Planks- toes

Incline Shoulder Press- 15 Down to 10 for the rolls…should have gone to 12′s.

Lying Triceps Extensions- 12

Pushups- on my knees

Incline Arch Raises – 7.5

Plank Kickbacks – 10 elevated on my high step with 4 risers.

Alternating Chest Fly’s – 2X15 (I did the actual rep count of 16/16)

External Rotation Lateral Raise - 2X10/7.5

Dive Bombers or See Saw Pushups - I See sawed with Brenda

Back, Biceps, Core

One Arm Row w/ rear leg raise - 18 (used my Kettlebell, the only way to use them at the moment)

Incline Bicep Curls - 12 DB

Ball Crunches – 18 KB

Pullovers – 18 KB

Simultaneous Curls – 2X12 DB

Ball Exchange – skipped

Rear Delt Fly - 6.5

Concentration Curls - 15/12 DB

Reverse Crunch -skipped


I am finding that I love weights on the ball.  It keeps hard surfaces away from my back.

Friday – Today was supposed to be Cathe’s LIS Tri Sets Lower Body but I wanted to spice it up a little more and so I pulled out Lower Body Blast and did the Timesaver: No Floor work premix that is 49 minutes long.

I’ve done this work out a few times since the accident and this time I added a riser.  So, that meant 8 inches.  I also didn’t use my barbell.  It’s sort of packed away.  I can’t put that much weight on my shoulders without doubling over in pain later.

Here’s how it went:

Warm up - Well, I didn’t use the step as much as Cathe but I did use it a lot more than I have in the past and I kept everything low impact.

Standing lower Body

  • Walking Lunges – 2X12
  • Leg Presses – 12
  • Barbell Squats – Subbed 2X12 DB’s and did these with the weight on my thighs
  • Front Lung Pick Ups –  7.5 – My form on these have much improved
  • Cardio Burst: Split Jump – No equipment
  • Warrior slide lunges – Disks
  • Platform Barbell deadlifts Barbell Plie Squats – No platform 2X12
  • Disc Side Slide Lunges
  • Cardio Burst Ice Breakers
  • Single Leg Deadlifts – 12 DB
  • Elevated Lunges – No weight
  • Hover Squats – 12
  • Sit n slides with Disc
  • Cardio burst Low Box Jump – I did the up up, down down modified jack.
  • Wide Stance Deadlifts with Barbell – 2X12
  • Static Lunges with Barbell – 2X12
  • Stretch

It felt great to get a really great workout in and note some progress.

Saturday – My back was feeling pretty tight.  Not sure if it was because I got to sleep in till 10 (which my back and the dogs never let me do) or just the whole week of workouts.  After much debate I decided on the Kickboxing drills premix from Kelly Coffey Meyer’s Trim Down DVD.  It was 31 minutes of boxing drills.

For a 31 minute workout I got in 3700 steps.  Not bad.  I of course kept my feet moving when Kelly’s were planted.  It was perfect for how I feel and really helped my back loosen up.  I stretched a little longer than Kelly just because my back needed it.

Observations: I’ve made some great strides in my recovery.  I’ve noticed that my back is much stronger and hurts less doing normal every day activities.  Picking up the intensity has really helped me build a lot of strength in my right leg making steps a lot easier and even the great big hill at the farm more manageable.

I’m looking forward to the weather to be nice so I can take Poppy for a ride and see how much easier it should be to get in the saddle.  So far, I’ve netted a 6 pound weight loss.  That’s exciting!

How about you?  Any workouts, workout goals, or even workouts you think I’d like to try?

(And remember, the links are here for you to check out the workouts I’m doing hoping maybe you’d like to join me or give you some inspiration.)

Week of Workouts: February 2nd to the 8th

Working out is Exhausting!

I’m still rolling along with Cathe November 2011 Rotation, however I’m making lot of changes to the rotation to fit my needs.  Like I mentioned before, Cathe has scheduled rest days during the week and I’d prefer to have a rest day on the weekend.  I’m also not a fan of doing the same workouts over and over again for four weeks, so I’ve been subbing workouts that are similar to the ones that are scheduled.

I had a pretty awesome week with my workouts!  I didn’t make it up to my 10k steps but my workouts rocked.

Here’s how my week in workouts went -

Sunday – Was farm chores and a well-deserved rest day.

Monday – Today was Turbo Barre. I used 6.5′s for Cathe’s 5′s and my pink firewalker band.  I stopped the workout when Cathe went to floor work.  I can’t do the whole video yet.  I even have to stop during some of the exercises just to give my back a rest.  But again, vast improvements have been made and that’s awesome!

Tuesday – Cathe had down Slide and Glide Cardio and Total Body Tri Sets Upper Body and that was just way too much and way too much time last week, so I subbed Flex Train Timesaver, the first premix.

I used 6.5′s for Cathe’s 5, 18 for Cathe’s 25# One arm rows, which is up from 15 for me.  And 7.5′s for Cathe’s 8′s.

I modified the sumo jack squats to a squat slide side to side and I modified the burpee’s, of course.

Wednesday – Cathe had down Yoga something…I needed/wanted more cardio and I’ve been dying for some kickboxing.  I hadn’t been able to do it because of the twisting for several months and it’s not in my rotation so I decided to add some.

I wanted to do something I hadn’t done in a while and Xtrain Hard strikes looked like a good pick.  I didn’t realize there were weights in here, but that’s good to know in the future.  I skipped the weight section, doing only the Warm up/cardio Boxing/kickboxing and boxing conditioning drills.  Then, I skipped to the Abs.  I went at my own pace with the abs and did not get as many reps as Cathe and crew but just glad to get what I could done.

I didn’t wear my weighted gloves just because I don’t want to tweak my back and the gloves add a bit more thrust power….causing my back to twist just a bit more.

All in all, I only modified the jumping jacks and I have problems with the balance on the hopping travel.  I can only travel 2 hops before having that fall on my face feeling.

Thursday – Cathe had down Total Body Tri Sets lower Body again and I just didn’t have the desire to do the same workout as last week.  Don’t get me wrong, I like that workout, I’ve just done it a few times.  So, I pulled out Xtrain Legs instead.

I was shocked to realize I have never done this workout before!  I’ve done Leg blast from this series but never Legs.  I did the actual workout, no premix or add on making the workout 51 minutes.

I had issues with the clam shells and the pizza presses.  I modified the clam shells and did as many of the pizza presses as I could.  I cursed Cathe a little when she asked something about feeling that.

I definitely felt worked. I stayed with Cathe on weights but of course I don’t have 8′s so my so I used my 7.5′s.

Friday – I had skipped Yoga Max (I don’t have this workout), which was down for Wednesday and told myself I would do an easier workout Friday.  Not being a fan of Yoga, I decided to hit JessicaSmithTV for some Barre.  Well, I looked through the offerings and found 30 Minute Cardio Ballet.  It’s really 32 minutes.

This workout worked on my balance, which I need, and got some stretchiness.

Saturday – Today, I decide to try Kelly Coffey-Meyers Trim Down, a loaner from a friend, in place of Cathe’s Scheduled Athletic Training.

Whew, this one was tough in a good way!

I was surprised to see her doing the workout by herself but I didn’t bug me much since I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with Jessica, it was a welcome change.

I used 7.5′s for light and 12′s for heavy until the Squat Bicep clean and press nearly killed my back.  I was ready to stop when miraculously she told me I was done.  Whew.  That was too much weight in my injured spine….so when she did the rainbow squat, I went down to my 9# kettlebell.  That was a little light but I was a little nervous about screwing something up.

I used my 15# kettlebell for suitcase deadlifts.

The dolphin pushups became just pushups because my back was bothered by the planks.

I really liked the workout, though!  Very little modification needed.

Observations:  I am really enjoying taking up the intensity in my workouts!  I’m really noticing the changes and feeling much stronger.

I’ve also been tracking my food on Sparkpeople.com (it’s free) and it syncs with my Fitbit which is helping me with my fitness and weight loss goals (no, I’m not ready to talk about them yet).

(The hyperlinks are not affiliate links but if your interested in the workouts I’m doing or just want some workout ideas, go check them out and don’t hesitate to ask me more about them!)